73 Multiplication cards in 45 seconds - fast improves Math scores #educa...

In my last teaching job I was written up because during the extra time at the end of class I was helping students to improve their basic math speed and to improve their logic (something they didn't study at all in China).  My principal told me after writing me up in my disciplinary report that it doesn't matter if a student can do 5 multiplication problems in 5 seconds or 5 minutes, as long as they can do it, that is all that matters.  This is where I disagreed with him.  He only wanted me to teach what was in the syllabus and not care about speed or learning logic. To me, being a great math student requires both (being able to do basic math instantly as well as understand logic).  Even if a student is not good at math, knowing the basic math will allow them more time to do the harder math problems. Albert, who is 10 and learning to do these quickly, asked me how fast I could do it.  So, Albert recorded me doing my multiplication cards. #education,#students,#learning,#mathemati

Albert doing 74 Multiplication Flash cards

Albert is a fifth grade student doing sixth grade math. This is his attempt to do 74 multiplication flash cards as quickly as he can. He did it in 2:08 .  My first goal was to finish each in less than 2 seconds which is 148 seconds (2 minutes 28 seconds). He accomplished that. His next goal is each flash card in less than 1.5 seconds, which will be 1 minute 51 seconds. I think he can do it by next month. His final goal is to do it in 1 second each so 1 minute 24 seconds. I think it will be a while before he gets there. I told him he doesn't have to do it as fast as me (48 seconds), which he saw me do.  I believe that being able to do them extremely quick will make math homework easier to do and understand.  At Affordable High-Quality Tutors LLC we work with all four types of students  A) Students who are behind in school.  B) Students who are level with school but want to get ahead or max their grades.  C) Students who want to go much further ahead (example - one or two grades